Wednesday, August 25, 2010

May 22, 1991

"Sweetie, why are you standing here?"
That was Devassi Appappan, amma's youngest uncle telling the six-year-old me.
I was at the gate of amma's house.
"Amma will come now," I said craning my head towards the bus stop.
"Amma won't come today. Today there will be no buses.Today is bandh. She will come tomorrow. What to do. Rajiv Gandhi was killed. So sad"
Appappan said as mema(my aunt, amma's sister) appeared at the door to receive him.
My eyes welled up.
Amma had left me at her house two days back. She had told me that she would come to pick me that day. I woke up and ran to the gate right then and started to wait for her. My grandmother called me to brush teeth and have tea. I didn't listen. I was desperate to see amma. It was then Devassy appappan came.
Appappan went inside to have a tete-a-tete with my great grandma, who was bedridden.
I was sad, walked behind Appappan with tears in my eyes.I wanted to see amma. I lied on my tummy on the sofa in the visiting room.
Appappan is talking to muthiammamma(great grandma) in the next room. "So sad. His head shattered into pieces," he is explaining how Rajiv Gandhi died.
Muthiammamma couldn't hear properly.
Appappan said more loudly

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